Why Double Pell?

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Fast Facts: Double Pell

  • Nearly 7 million students across all 50 states rely on Pell Grants to achieve their educational goals.

  • Doubling the Pell Grant makes community college free in all 50 states (Third Way study). By covering tuition and more, Double Pell allows students to choose the school that best fits their goals which leads to higher completion rates.

    Read the Third Way Study here.

  • According to new research from the Gender Equity Policy Institute, “doubling the value of the Pell Grant would cut future student loan debt in half”.

    Read the full study here.

  • AICUP schools educate and graduate a larger proportion of low-income (Pell) students than any other 4-year sector in Pennsylvania.

  • “For many students, room and board, books, transportation, and foregone wages are many times higher than the tuition and fees that they pay.”  Unlike free community college, Double Pell ensures they can use the funds how they need them.

    Read the Third Way Study here.

  • When created, the Pell Grant covered 75% of tuition.  Now it covers less than 25% because it has not kept up with inflation.

  • Doubling Pell will increase access on year one to low-income students, giving them the ability to utilize the increased funds sooner to accomplish their educational goals.

AICUP Double Pell Letters

View the All Sector Letter
(AICUP, PASSHE, State-Relateds and Community Colleges)

View AICUP’s Suggested Double Pell Letter

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