Business Efficiencies

AICUP is dedicated to providing greater value and educational opportunities for our membership. It is thanks to our Corporate Affiliates and partners that we can do so. A three-tier model of partnership has been established for the benefit of our members. These partnerships begin with companies joining our Corporate Affiliate program. Over time, AICUP hopes to encourage interested Corporate Affiliates to increase their role in AICUP with the AMP program status. This may lead to AICUP Board Endorsement after volume participation yields further enhancements

Corporate Affiliates
Providing financial support to AICUP, training experiences to members, and paid internships for students. 

AICUP Member Preferred Programs
Member Preferred, or AMP, Corporate Affiliates offer pricing discounts and/or service enhancements to AICUP members.

AICUP Board-Endorsed Business Efficiency Programs
These programs offered by our Corporate Affiliates are carefully reviewed by the Association’s staff, the AICUP Member Services Committee, and, finally, endorsed by the AICUP Board of Directors.

Business Efficiency Programs

This publication is our annual effort to showcase the many different ways Pennsylvania’s non-profit colleges and universities support and collaborate on regional and statewide initiatives.

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The Spotlight is a monthly e-newsletter produced by AICUP and delivered to over 3,000 people on member campuses. Content is submitted by members, corporate partners, and program providers.

Our Mission Is To…

  • Design participatory programs of shared service delivery or group-based procurement that leverage the consumer strength of the AICUP membership, thereby reducing price for services and goods.

  • Exercise market influence as an aggregation of consumers with like needs and similar circumstance in such a way as to encourage service and product suppliers to recognize the status of independent, nonprofit higher education as a significant market worthy of preferred marketing coverage, pricing and service delivery.

  • Promote programs of collaboration that, absent the Association’s coordination role, would not be developed to the necessary critical mass on a regional or state-wide level.

  • Avoid duplication of efforts with our member colleges by identifying unique and strategic opportunities that are best suited for a state-level association and not otherwise performed by individual or groups of member colleges on a regular basis.

As a byproduct of a good program, AICUP occasionally develops programs that produce income which defray AICUP administrative expenses while providing greater value to the participating membership.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in learning more about AICUP’s collaboration programs or would like to learn more about becoming an affiliate, contact us.

Collaboration Staff

  • Tim Alexander

    Vice President of Finance and Administration

    (717) 232-8649, ext. 222

  • Kelly Carli

    Manager of Collaboration Events & Outreach

    (717) 232-8649, ext. 240

  • Kyle Weber

    Accounting Manager / Database Strategist

    (717) 232-8649, ext. 235