AICUP regularly publishes data, whitepapers, and other reports on the economic and legislative impacts of independent, nonprofit higher education in Pennsylvania. Explore our most recent publications below.

Making the Case 2023

Making the Case for Independent Nonprofit Higher Education 2023

Pennsylvania’s independent nonprofit colleges and universities build communities while educating the most four-year degree-seeking students in the Commonwealth.  They operate efficiently to keep net tuition low while matching the workforce needs of Pennsylvania and providing the best ROI to the state.

2023 AICUP Economic Impact 2 Pager

Economic Impact Report (Fast Facts 2023)

2020 brought with it immense changes not only to our members, but to the Commonwealth’s economy. However, as you’ll see in our 2023 economic impact update, the future still looks bright.

AICUP Economic Impact Report 2022

Economic Impact Report (Full Report, 2019; Revised 2022)

With over $24 billion in economic impact generated for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania every single year, AICUP schools, their faculty, and their students have proven they’re an indispensable asset to the future of our state’s economy.

Business Efficiency Programs

The Business Efficiency Manual outlines the range of business efficiency and research programs that AICUP sponsors for members, our institutional participation rates, and the estimated cost-savings per institution from these efficiency programs.