Advancing the Mission of PA’s Independent, Nonprofit Colleges & Universities

By focusing on advocacy, collaboration, research and communications, AICUP is committed to supporting the advancement of Pennsylvania’s independent, nonprofit colleges and universities.

The Four Pillars of AICUP

Through government advocacy, research, and, most importantly, collaboration with our over 90 member schools, we work to raise awareness of the benefits, value, and quality of Pennsylvania’s independent, nonprofit colleges and universities.

$1 out of every $31

$1 out of every $31 in the Pennsylvania economy is supported by an AICUP school

1 out of every 32

1 out of every 32 jobs in the Commonwealth is created, supported or sustained by an AICUP school

By the Numbers

The numbers don’t lie. Our colleges and universities have been embedded in the social fabric of our communities for over a century, helping millions of low-income and middle-class students acquire a quality education.

AICUP Schools…

  • Have a $24 Billion annual economic impact on the Pennsylvania economy

  • Serve 285,000+ students who attend annually

  • Average 134 years in a community

AICUP Schools Represent…

  • 46% of all low-income, Pell-eligible degree-seeking students

  • 45% of all students receiving a STEM-related bachelor’s degree

  • 49% of all working age students seeking a bachelors degree

  • 54% of all minority students pursuing a bachelors or advanced degree

AICUP Economic Impact Report 2022

Economic Impact Report

There are over 90 schools within the AICUP consortium. Each year, they generate over $24 billion in economic impact for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These schools, their faculty, and their students are helping shape the future of our state’s economy.

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Business Efficiency Programs

Pennsylvania’s independent colleges and universities have a well-deserved reputation for supporting collaborative business services projects. It’s a tribute to the AICUP membership that it leverages one another’s strengths in such a purposeful manner.

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Presidents’ Perspectives

Take Action

The future of Pennsylvania’s independent, nonprofit colleges and universities relies on dedicated community members advocating for philanthropic support, fair legislation, and increased accessibility for students. Whether legislator, student, faculty, or business owner, you too can take action and get involved by sharing our research, supporting our educational programs, or taking part in one of our many advocacy initiatives or events.

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