AICUP Supports “Double Pell” to Reduce College Costs for Lower-Income Students

AICUP has assembled materials and a set of talking points on Doubling Pell. Bottom line—almost 90% of the $7 million in annual Pell grants go to students from families with incomes below $50,000, and the grants effectively target groups of students that have suffered disparate impacts from COVID and in education funding. While student financial need has increased over time, Pell’s purchasing power is at an all-time low. Nearly 50 years ago, the maximum grant covered approximately 75% of the cost to attend a four year public college. It now covers less than 1/3 of that cost.

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Study Confirms that AICUP Member Service Programs Pay Off at 19-1

AICUP has developed 39 business efficiency and shared services programs to help its member institutions save money while maintaining a quality educational environment for AICUP Research Newsletter students. Over the past year AICUP colleges and universities collectively saved over $22.8 million dollars through participation in one or more of these programs. This equates to an average savings of $245,000 per AICUP member, or roughly 19x the average membership dues paid to the association.

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Share Information on Reopening Campus Fall 2021

The AICUP Research Center is hosting three Zoom virtual meetings in August on the topic of Reopening Campus in Fall 2021. Registration is required, click the “read more’ button for details.

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Higher Education Funding in Pennsylvania? We Have a Commission for That.

How is the state currently funding higher education in Pennsylvania? And more importantly, how should the state distribute funds among institutions of higher education? Those are just two of the questions facing the 19 members of the recently-formed Pennsylvania Higher Education Funding Commission.

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Zoom Meetings for New Research Liaisons

The AICUP Research Center is planning to host two Zoom virtual meetings for new research liaisons in September. These meetings will introduce new research liaisons to AICUP staff and services as well as provide new liaisons an opportunity to network with staff from other campuses. More information on dates and registration will be sent to new research liaisons in the coming weeks.

Save the Date: 2021 Pennsylvania Distance Education and SARA Workshop

The annual Pennsylvania Distance Education and SARA Workshop will be held virtually on November 18, 2021, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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New Research Committee Members

AICUP is pleased to welcome Dr. Mary Ellen Caro, President & CEO of Peirce College, as the new Vice Chair of the AICUP Research, Assessment, and Accountability Committee. She joins four other new members of the Committee who will provide advice and direction
for the work of the AICUP Research Center

Coming Soon! New AICUP Website

AICUP is the in process of redesigning our website. The redesigned website will have a completely new look and feel and will hopefully make it easier for everyone to find the information they need quickly. Look for the new AICUP website to be launched in the fall.

Upcoming Events

August 13

Reopening Campus Zoom Discussion #1

August 18

Reopening Campus Zoom Discussion #2

August 19

Reopening Campus Zoom Discussion #3

AICUP Research Team & Advisory Committee

AICUP Research Advisory Committee 2021-22

Ron Uroda, Vice President of Research

Gayle Baker, Manager of Research & Special Studies

AICUP Research Advisory Committee 2021-22

Dr. Jonathan Peri, Chair
Manor College

Dana Bagwell
Gannon University

Leslie Christianson
Marywood University

Cynthia Emory
Wilson College

Lester Ko
Dickinson College

Dr. Mary Ellen Caro, Vice Chair
Peirce College

Megan Nicholson
King’s College

Matt North
Duquesne University

Kymber Taylor
University of the Sciences